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Imagine a Woman
Imagine a woman who believes she is good.
A woman who trusts and respects herself.
Who listens to her needs and desires, and meets them. With tenderness and grace. Imagine a woman who has acknowledged the past's influence on the present.
A woman who has walked through her past. Who has healed into the present. Imagine a woman who authors her own life.
A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf.
Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and to her wisest voice.
Imagine a woman who names her own gods.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
Who designs her own spirituality and allows it to inform her daily life.
Imagine a woman in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.
Who celebrates her body and its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.
Imagine a woman who honors the face of the Goddess in her changing face.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use precious energy disguising the changes in her body And life.
Imagine a woman who values the women in her life.
A woman who sits in circles of women.
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.
Imagine yourself as this woman. 

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
I have found that as a natural rhythm in my purpose, I can tap into others past life and this life stuff / patterns of behaviour that keeps their heart closed and the same lesson from returning to repeat itself to help guide them out of all that misused energy and back to a Homeostasis state of beingness. I have always said that self does not want to reveal its self to self, some say it is called denial, I say it is ego and the heart being closed,  hence the way we learned how to cope in a world that is to busy to nuture ones growth, be it family or lack there of, friends, betrayal, love or the misuse of love, life, bosses, ect,,,As well as those who have been blocked due to misuse of power, and energy as a whole! I have a tendency to attract alot of beautiful spiritual woman, who just need that extra push to show them the truth, that they are perfectly made ...and by releasing the old patterns and belief system we CAN and DO have full blissful lives...most definately a true passion of mine to watch the transformation of One returning back to their light body selves.

What to Expect
I help you do work that addresses you at your core belief  system, going deep into the past so we can together recognizes the patterns that you have been playing  in your life "time and time again while utilizing the power of self and past information, we will take an amazing look into the past to discover where you started closing your heart off ( for protection survival,or just buying into the lies that were told to you, and making the opinions of others miss used energy the pattern of you life today, some times we don't even recognize that we have become the very people we swore off  until our lives just feel like they need a due over. And a do over is what we together hope to give you.

The Work

Authentic full filled being  means taking actions and embracing attitudes that will make you lastingly happy because they bring you into right relationship with the highest truths of your own nature. This Journey is very personal. It’s not a question of rules or dogmas. It is about finding the blocks that stop you from hearing the answers to the question in your own heart / mind and life.

The Goal
Relearning how to be in a state of knowing ones true character is one of the greatest gift we can give to ourself and others, when you understand the why in which the suffering has entered, you begin to see the patterns and stop them before they create the all so heavy having to be right to protect myself  story. You will see the beauty of who you really are, and no one can take that from you. That place inside yourself that has authentic rhythms of Joy and Peace, and may I add that the even bigger blessing is it has been my experience, and the experience of  many to whom I have been so truly blessed to work with ,to find that when the story we have been creating all these years goes away so does the so does the sorrow. What does show up outside of self is healthy loving supportive relationships.

After all a cleaned out vessel takes courage and strength. When you hear what God /Spirit / Universe is asking of you. And what YOU are asking of it, and truly hearing it come to life, as Oprah always says, That is when you will have your aha moment. Our goal together is to help you achieve your highest truth promoting self love and forgiveness freeing your spirit so you can live the life of your dreams. One love for all Love

$150 per hour

Primal  Woman you were always created to be in a place of empowerment naturally for you are Woman..
So let us open our hearts to see the
truest of blessings that is thee.
written by Jannette'marie


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